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At Woodman's we believe in using locally sourced New England ingredients as much as possible, all while trying to help support the local communities.

Woodman's Artisan Bakery is a small start up business that began in 2018 baking their products and selling them at farmers markets in Salem, Concord, Bedford, Newport, and even in Maine. 4 years later we have opened up our own store front in Nashua, NH at 4 sunapee st. We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest and best quality products that we can ranging from a variety of Sourdoughs to German Rye's, Pain De Mie, variety of Croissants, German Pretzels, and a few more specials. We use local products whenever possible, you are welcome explore our friends and partners.


At the bottom of this page, you can find our Local Markets Menu with a variety of products we offer at the designated locations. We welcome you to stop by and introduce yourself.

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Live Free Refillery

Live Free Refillery is located at 460 State Rte 101 #1, Bedford, NH 03110. Their  mission is to innovate new ways in which they can improve their impact on the environment; they strive to help people lead healthier lives in the community. Live Free Refillery partnered up with Woodman's Artisan Bakery to provide the Bedford community with fresh bread on a regular basis. 

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Oasis Spring Farm

Oasis Spring Farm is a family run, local farm whose mission is to provide fresh, healthy, and local produce year-round to our community through environmentally friendly practices and high-tech resources. The farm offers a variety of nutritional options of lettuce, greens, herbs, and microgreens such as broccoli.


Live Free & Dine

Is a gourmet, carry-out, market, & culinary school all in one. Simply put a must see!

Karen founded Live Free & Dine Market for the simple reason: to make it easier for Granite State families to put wholesome, flavorful, locally-sourced meals on their table every day. 

Live Free & Dine is located just a short distance from our bakery on Amherst street in Nashua, NH.


Artisan Cheese from Temple-Wilton Community Farm

Temple-Wilton  Community Farm  was born out of the desire of a group of farmers and gardeners to unite their efforts and their land into one organism in order to serve the local community with biodynamically grown food. The community provides a vast range of produce that is perfect for meals. 

Tewksbury Honey 

Tewksbury Honey – Local Artisan Honey

Julie makes some wonderful raw organic honey we currently use in our blueberry scones and will be using in future products as well. We cannot say enough just how much we love her product. And yes, you can find some here in our store to take home and enjoy however you wish.

Granite Grains LLC

Granite Grains LLC specializes in certified organic cereal grains and dry beans. Tyler got his start in grain production growing heirloom corn for Vida Tortilla in Dover, NH. Due to the long storage life of these crops, availability for the community is year round. Beyond providing healthy chemical-free food, the farm believes strongly in the principals of soil health. Practices such as plant diversity, cover cropping, and reducing tillage regenerate the land harvest after harvest.


Rare Breed  Coffee and Tea

A&E Coffee and Tea | Shop Coffee Online | Coffee Subscriptions (

A&E Coffee was started 20 years ago by Emeran Langmaid, if you ever get the chance to talk to her for just 5 minutes even, you'll be impressed with her knowledge and passion that comes through and you can taste it in every cup you sip on. Perfect with one of our pastries. 

Concord Farmers Market


every Saturday 8:30AM-12PM


Downtown Concord Winter Market

Saturday Mornings 9AM-12PM


Salem, N.H. Farmers Market


10-2 every Sunday year round

Bedford Farmers Market


every Tuesday 3PM-6PM

June 14th till October 11th 2023

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