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Salem, N.H. Farmers Market 10-2 every Sunday

year round


Concord Farmers Market every Saturday 8:30-12

Bedford Farmers Market every Tuesday June 14th till October 11th 3-6

Downtown Concord Winter Market Saturday Mornings from 9-12 am November-April

Some of our Friends

Tewksbury Honey 

Tewksbury Honey – Local Artisan Honey

Julie makes some wonderful raw organic honey we currently use in our blueberry scones and will be using in future products as well. We cannot say enough just how much we love her product. and yes, you can find some here in our store to take home and enjoy however you wish.


A&E Coffee and Tea

A&E Coffee and Tea | Shop Coffee Online | Coffee Subscriptions (

A&E Coffee was started 20 years ago by Emeran Langmaid, if you ever get the chance to talk to her for just 5 minutes even, you'll be impressed with her knowledge and passion that comes through and you can taste it in every cup you sip on. Perfect with one of our pastries. 

Abbott Hill Creamery

It is in our opinion that Benjamin has some of the best cheeses in the state! We have been at the markets with benjamin since we started there and theres just something about his product that is just perfect how ever you wish to enjoy it. We currently use his Quark cheese in our Quarkbrot, give this cheese and our bread a try and you'll be hooked too. 

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